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Outotec solutions for tailings dewatering

Landfill and backfill technology Outotec paste technology is a modern way to handle and store tailings from mine operations in a more environmentally sustainable way Outotec solutions in this area consider both paste disposal for landfill and stabilized backfill to mine Outotec backfill technology also handles traditional dry backfill solutions...Know More

The differences in underground mines dewatering with the ,

The differences in underground mines dewatering with the application of caving or backfilling mining methods Article in Mine Water and the Environment 13 2 1-19 January 1994 with 22 Reads...Know More

Paste Backfill Solutions for Underground Rock Mines ,

Treatment solutions include dewatering of the tailings with belt presses and using paste thickener technology addition of cement and processing of underflow tailings as part of the floatation process , The resulting paste was then pumped into abandoned mine cavities to be used as backfill material Related Equipment ....Know More


STRUCTURAL EXCAVATION AND BACKFILL - Section 802 Earthwork forms a part of the installation procedures of box culverts, retaining walls, foundations, and substructur In order to ensure an adequate foundation for such structures, backfill material must meet certain specifications and be compacted by acceptable methods to adequate density...Know More

Dewatering Plants

Dewatering Plants by Resources Gold Technology Dewatering Plants are designed to perform highly effective solid liquid separation for process water recovery while producing both thickened slurry for mine backfill operations and filter cake for transport to a surface fill operation...Know More

Economical dewatering of tailings for mine backfill with ,

Economical dewatering of tailings for mine backfill with high performance disc filters J Hahn et al 44 Mine Fill 2014, Perth, Australia allows use of tailings for mine backfill without the need to split it into fine or coarse fractions...Know More

Positive displacement pumps

Low energy consumption and high reliability Our heavy duty GEHO® pumps perform in a wide range of applications such as long-distance ore pipeline transport, mine dewatering and backfill, autoclave feed, reactor and digester feed, gasifier feed, thickened tailings disposal and biomass transfer...Know More


15 40 Design of high-strength backfill for a drift-and-fill mining method at Olympias Mine, Greece H Grobler, V Chatziefstratiou, O Mousli, Hellas Gold SA, Greece M Yumlu, Backfill Geotechnical Mining Consultants Pty Ltd, Australia...Know More

Paste Thickening Considerations for Backfill vs Tailings ,

One option is to consider paste disposal for surface stacking and backfill As the mining industry is typically conservative in adapting new technology, operators unfamiliar with paste are concerned regarding the applicability of dewatering technology for their operations/project, including technical and operational risk associated with newer ....Know More

Underground Mining Drainage, State of the Art

introduction of backfill mining method the requirements for mine dewatering are reduced, however when hydraulic backfill is employ it is necessary to pump in addition the drain excess water The extension of the cone of depression provoked by the mine drainage is a function of many...Know More

Mineral Processing Solutions

Mine Backfill Mine backfill is defined as the material used to fill the cavities ie, stopes created by underground mining Backfilling can be a means to dispose of sludge and/or tailings which may contain hazardous materials and to reduce surface environmental impacts by storing tailings underground...Know More

The Differences in Underground Mines Dewatering with the ,

approximate impact of backfill on dewatering strategies, and 3 The environmental benefits of backfill mining The differences in mine drainage strategies are supported bv case histories from various min INTRODUCTION Most of the ore recovery in underground mines on the Zambian Copper Belt has been...Know More

Mine Backfill Services

Paterson Cooke Mine Backfill Services Paterson Cooke Paterson Cooke is a recognised leader in the design and implementation of mine backfill systems and associated process Since its formation in 1991, Paterson Cooke has consistently provided technologically advanced systems for projects located throughout the world...Know More

Dewatering of mine tailings using electrokinetic ,

Dewatering of mine tailings using electrokinetic geosynthetics AB Fourie, DG Johns, and CJFP Jones Abstract Many mining operations produce tailings that dewater very slowly under self-weight consolidation One way of reducing the water content of such tailings is by electroosmotic dewatering...Know More

Design procedure for hydraulic backfill distribution systems

require dewatering facilities in the stop Paste fills typically have solids concentration greater than 70 by mass, contain binders and little or no water drains from the backfill after placement This paper presents a rational design approach for backfill distribution systems by considering the backfill ,...Know More

Study of Tailings Management Technologies MEND ,

Study of Tailings Management Technologies MEND Report 2501 This work was done on behalf of the Mine Environment Neutral Drainage MEND Program and sponsored by The Mining Association of Canada MAC and MEND October 2017...Know More

Tailings Mine Waste Management Solutions Weir

Weir Minerals provide mines around the world with sustainable and cost-effective solutions for the management, disposal and recycling of mining waste We are a trusted name in scalable tailings management and global leaders in the use of mine waste as products, such as construction materials and backfill...Know More

backfill copper mining process

Lundin Mining Corporation - Eagle Mine, USA - Fri Aug 7, 2015 The Eagle nickel and copper mine is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, , The Humboldt mill property, a former iron ore processing facility, occupying , a surface ramp that also serves as the route for waste, ore and backfill haulage More details » Get Price...Know More

Basics of paste backfill systems

The advantages of paste backfill in a mining operation include reduced mine dewatering, labor and materials savings, reduced tailings impoundment requirements, good support properties and reduced ....Know More

The differences in underground mines dewatering with the ,

This paper deals with 1 The impacts caused by open stoping and sub-level caving in comparison to backfilling methods 2 The approximate impact of backfill on dewatering strategies, and 3 The environmental benefits of backfill mining The differences in mine drainage strategies are supported by case histories from various min...Know More

Resources Gold Technology

Resources Gold Technology are specialists in gold extraction providing gold processing plants, gold leaching equipment, solid liquid separation, cyanide destruction and mine backfill together with feasibility studies to the international gold mining industry...Know More

Open Cast Mine Dewatering

Open Cast Mine Dewatering Case Study Nº34 Dewatering with low pH levels The Challenge Arcerlor Mittal required to dewater their open cast mine, due to the contamination produced by the low pH levels of the water , Backfill Backfill, Mining ....Know More

Types of Mine Backfill

Hence, mine operators are moving towards less water in the fill to decrease cement and binder consumption Flow velocities in excess of 2 m/s are required to maintain a homogeneous dispersion of the fill components in the slurry Paste Backfill Paste backfill is a high density backfill gt 70 solids depending on SG...Know More

pump for mine backfill

dewatering backfill mining how - dayfoundationin Mine dewatering requires that mine sludge loaded with sand be conveyed to the , At the heart of any backfill system is the Putzmeister double piston pump with Backfill vs Tailings Management Eduardo Hernandez Tacoronte...Know More

Review on Dewatering Pumping Network for Underground ,

mining system to be concentrate upon to regulate the pumping process to increase the efficiency and reduction of pumping cost 3 In this respect, here, a review of literatures have been carried out on different methods of mine dewatering and its challenges, selection of pumps for...Know More

dewatering backfill mining how

dewatering backfill mining how - dayfoundationin Underground Dewatering Mining and Energy - Pompaction Not only did the system efficiently dewater the ramp, it also allowed the customer to save , Mining and Energy / Underground Dewatering , Paste Backfill The differences in underground mines dewatering ....Know More